New Jersey’s Proposed Move Against Restrictive Covenants

Gigio Ninan co-authored an article published in the June 2023 edition of the New Jersey Lawyer entitled The Blue Eraser: New Jersey’s Proposed Move Against Restrictive Covenants. Id. at 34-36.

New Jersey introduced legislation  that would restrict the rights of businesses to negotiate non-compete and non-poaching agreements with prospective employees. The bill, A3715, seeks to make such agreements unenforceable unless the employer adheres to a set of strict provisions that, among other things, require all newly-signed non-competes to include in them a “garden leave” provision of up to one year.

The bill proposal is part of a growing national trend to restrict the use of non-compete agreements under the auspices of employee protection.

Please review the article for more information and analysis.

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